Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My DNA Says I ♥ You



what are you doing right now?? looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend?? or buat taik gigi tengah hari ni?? entry for today is something about....sorry i don't know how to about you guys see at the title of this's sound weird right?? DNA can speak?? DNA can fall in LOVE?? maybe this words flying in your brain right?? to make you all more curious with this entry let's read this sentences..

amacam curious tak?? haha..btw, DNA is not DINA..DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid..UNDERSTAND?? DINA is people..DNA is things to identify ourself..can DNA make this things (speak & fall in love)?? or it just a myth..but for your information this weird things happen to me..but why??because i love my family, my friend, my house and my surroundings..last but not least my special one (let it be a secret).. =p

how about you guys?? your DNA can says I ♥ YOU?? try it..maybe it can work..try hard coz kejayaan akan menanti..

pssst::: sorry..i think maybe this entry using a broken english coz i want it see like broken english..haha.. =D

Till Then,



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