Wednesday, October 3, 2012


hello guys :)

tonight, I want to story about something that really awkward and related with my life. hmm..straight to the point -as long I'm in a relationship with my girlfriend, Nurlaili Mazlan I never take a picture with her..seriously I'm not. but, I never forces her to take a picture with me because I know, for her in a relationship take a picture together is not important. But, the important things in a relationship is always stay together even not side by side. also, remember each other important too.

that is the most sweet thing that I ever had :)

so, guys..don't worry if your girlfriend don't want to take a picture with you, it's not important..the most important is you and your girlfriend always stay together! always remember each other! take note :)

hence, because of i don't have any picture with her i try my best to create something that always make me remember to her. make me feels like i have a picture with her. fyi, i create..jeng! jeng! jeng!


i combined my picture with, i get ONE picture that feel like I stay by her side! yyeeeeaaayyy! :D


i edited so paper clip. i put ours name on the paper clip. SWEET RIGHT? ^_______^

I'm also created somethings that make her remember me..the thing is..

this is a video clip i made specially for her. i made this video to told her about my feelings towards her and also to wish her happy birthday. her birthday is 24 Sept -6 days after my birthday!


to make our relationship more interesting i create a second video it is..

this video is really annoying..sorry~ if u want to know more about this video just watch it. plus, this videos was make Laili crying. sorry dear..

last but not least..
I hope our relationship everlasting till we get marry. and i want the most is our relationship till JANNAH. love you baby. mmuuuaaahhh! :*

i hope you love me too as i love you..

*smile with tears on face*



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